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every race row is inserted in a form like the following:

1st - Alberto Ascari(ITA) (Ferrari 500 s4 1985cc)(Scuderia Ferrari)(#1) 110 laps in 3h 0m 0s at 91.713 km/h

  • 1st stands for the final position;

  • Alberto Ascari (ITA) obviously name and surname complete of the driver and his country;

  • (Ferrari 500 s4 1985cc) is the car: name, model, engine type and total engine cc

    • s4 in the example stands for ("4 cylinders straight"); other letters available are b (boxer engine), v (V engine)
    • s/c stands for supercharged; t/c stands for turbocharged
  • (Scuderia Ferrari) team name
  • (#1) car number
  • 110 laps number of the laps in the race

  • in 3h 0m 0s the race time (h for hours, m for minutes, s for seconds)

  • at 91.713 km/h average speed

if there is a:
DNF it means Did Not Finish (the race);
DNS means Did Not Start
DNQ means Did Not Qualify
DNC means Did Not classified
DSQ means Disqualified
DNA means Did Not Arrived
OOMT means Out of Max Time
For the drivers name there are only real names without nicknames; sor for example instead of Jack Brabham there is John Arthur Brabham

14/10/2020 - finished 1971 (from AUTOSPRINT); updated and added races to 1905

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i found other old sources, now i put all resources on my archive for acknowledges!


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